Frequently asked questions

What is EXOHASH?

EXOHASH is the universal cryptocurrency mining platform that allows you to setup, manage and monitor your GPU rigs and ASICs from anywhere in the world.

The platform includes an operating system for mining EXOHASH OS, a mining pool, a service for monitoring cryptocurrency rates on popular cryptocurrency exchanges, a profitability calculator and other useful services.

What is mining?

Mining is the activity of supporting a distributed platform and creating new blocks with the ability to receive rewards in the form of issued currency and commissions in various cryptocurrencies.

What is a block?

This is a single piece of the blockchain. A successful block finding means that the pool receives a reward, which it then distributes among the miners.

What is hashrate?

Hashrate is the total computing power of the mining equipment involved in the mining of cryptocurrency.


EXOHASH OS is an operating system based on the Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS distribution. With our operating system, you can configure and manage your cryptocurrency mining farm.

How to install and configure the operating system?

You can read the instructions for installing and configuring the operating system here.

Is the operating system free?

It is a conditionally free operating system. If you use 1 worker - it's free. We charge a small service fee to cover operating costs, provide high availability and improve functionality of the service. For more information about our tariff plans, click here.

What is a worker?

Worker is a physical device for cryptocurrency mining. Usually it is a computer with a powerful GPU or a specialized ASIC miner. There are different types of cryptocurrency mining equipment depending on the algorithm.

How many GPUs in one worker does operating system support?

You can use up to 16 GPUs, but we do not recommend using more than 12 GPUs, some mining software will not work properly.

Is it possible to mix Nvidia and AMD GPUs in the same worker?

Yes. You can mix Nvidia and AMD GPUs in the same worker. Please connect Nvidia GPU to the first PCIe slot in that case.

How to upgrade the operating system to the latest version?

You can upgrade the operating system by running upgrade command from console. You can also upgrade OS via web interface.

Why the operating system is not booting?

Please review the minimum system requirements, check your hardware for malfunction and ensure your BIOS setting is set to recommend. If it does not help then try to redownload image and reflash it or use another drive. Maybe the OS image was corrupted during download process.

Why the operating system is not booting from HDD?

If your system does not boot from the HDD then check the SATA operation mode in the BIOS of motherboard. Try to set ACHI mode.

Why my worker is freezing or rebooting too much?

Please check the overclocking settings. Too much overclocking or too low voltage can cause unstable system operation. Try lowering the overclocking values or increasing the voltage. If you are using a custom BIOS then try to flash the original one and check if it will fix the problem.

Poor quality risers often cause many problems. Replace the riser or use a better one and see if that helps. Try to check the GPUs one by one, maybe one of them is causing the problem.

A sudden stop or restart may be caused by a weak power supply. If the room temperature is too high, the power supply may overheat and shut down.

What is the default login and password for SSH connection?

The default login and password for SSH connection is exohash. We recommend to use SSH connection only for advanced users.

How to access to the console of worker?

There are several options for accessing the console:

1. You can connect a monitor and keyboard to your worker and get a direct access to the console.

2. You can use a Shellinabox from web interface and access to the console via your browser. You need to be in the same network with your worker. The default login and password is exohash.

3. Use a Linux terminal and type the next command ssh [email protected]. The default password is exohash.

4. Use a special utility called Putty under Windows operating system. The default login and password is exohash.

Why is the hashrate displaying incorrectly on the mining pool statistics?

The pool calculates the hashrate based on the shares you found for a certain period of time. It does not know what your current hashrate is, but only assumes based on the number of accepted shares. Mining pools usually pay for the number of shares, not for the hashrate.