System requirements

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 / AMD AM2+
  • RAM: 4 Gb+
  • Disk: 8 Gb+ (SSD/HDD/M2/USB)

Operating system installation

1. Download and unpack operating system image.

2. Flash the operating system image onto SSD/HDD/USB disk.

You can use HDD Raw Copy Tool, Rufus or balenaEtcher to write OS image for Windows. Also you can use Startup Disk Creator for Ubuntu.

Advanced Linux users can use dd utility to write OS image to disk:

dd [email protected] of=/dev/sdX bs=10M status=progress

3. Create an account and Sign in.

4. Create a new worker and download configuration file worker.conf. Then copy downloaded file to the newly created drive, which will be mounted in your system after the OS image writing.

Alternatively you can use WORKER_ID and WORKER_PASSWORD at first boot. Also you can re-enter worker id and password with setup command.

5. Plug the disk with operating system into your worker.

BIOS settings

  • Update BIOS firmware
  • Enable 4G encoding
  • Set PCIe link speed to Gen2
  • Setup correct boot order
  • Enable legacy boot mode
  • Disable Internal Graphics
  • Disable virtualization


SHA1: dd8c966aae6c8309389f013c98a02695148c010d
MD5: 7ef7f581a5cc3260559d9e33b570141c